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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I first want to say thank you for stopping by! I value your time and know that life can be messy and complicated. I have been through some unfair situations, but I am here to say I have defied the odds of statistics about kids growing up in a broken family, absent father, drugs, alcohol, sexual abuse life, and have achieved what others have always said was impossible throughout my life!  Once I found Christ, I started to know who I was in Him. My perspective and whole world changed. I traded all that hurt, shame, guilt, brokenness, trauma, etc., into who I am today and who I am still continuing to grow into.  

Stephanie Almond, Child of God. I am a wife, a mother to 4 kids, and fostering 1, so yes, that's 5 in total! A business owner of Refined Lives, LLC. I am a board certified advanced Christian life coach, and I am board-certified master mental health coach. I have attended seminary school at Luther Rice College and Seminary and received two diplomas from Light University one being a master's diploma in mental health. I am here to help coach you and help you see the potential that is inside of you waiting to grow. You'll learn to break through barriers that have been holding you back and elevate your life to one of meaning and significance. If you’ve ever felt like you wanted more from life, you are not alone. Here at Refined Lives LLC. I want to help you tap into your purpose and learn to believe in yourself again and discover the possibilities of taking your life to new heights.  I am looking forward to partnering with you on your journey!

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