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Spring Clean your Mind and Soul

How are you doing…really doing? Not that fake, "everything's okay." Are you weary? Are you stagnant? Are you just going through the motions of life? If so, it's time to do some spring cleaning of your soul! Below are three areas that may be affecting your mental health.

  • Negative thinking - What we are telling ourselves is critical to our mental health? Those fears we feed ourselves and those bad "what ifs" in our lives will get us nowhere. The “I can't do this,” or “I’m not good enough” thoughts aren't from our good Father from above. Oftentimes we limit our view of ourselves and our perspective on life, which can hold us back and feel like we are stagnant. Let’s start shifting our perspective to “what if this can happen?” or “what if I can do this?”

  • Self-talk - what are we saying to ourselves? A good question to ask yourself when you find yourself caught in the web of negative self-talk is this - “Would you talk to anyone else the way you talk to yourself?" Ask yourself, “Is this true or is it a lie?" If it's a lie, replace it with God's truth about you and the situation.

  • Unrealistic Expectations- Expectations are what you think ought to happen. Having expectations isn't bad, but having unrealistic expectations can get us into a lot of trouble. That means we don’t leave room for changing circumstances, and don’t allow ourselves or others to be flexible. Sometimes the expectations might seem reasonable, fair, and realistic, but real life still doesn’t live up, causing us to become angry and bitter. A shift in perspective may help. Make space for yourself or others to make errors. Work on being more flexible and letting some things go. And try to communicate how you think/expect/want something to go but remember to allow room for people and things to not meet those expectations all the time. We can't control other people and the things that may happen around us, but we can control how we handle situations. If you have been struggling with some of these areas and it is causing you to feel drained and like there are roadblocks after roadblocks in different areas of your life, click the link below now!

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May 10, 2023

Thank you for this information! I battle with negative talk. I need to remember to talk to myself like i would others.


May 10, 2023

Great read! Thank you

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